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File Name:Epica - 2012 - Requiem For The Indifferent
DownloadTorrent:Epica - 2012 - Requiem For The Indifferent

After a brief and tumultuous period as one of
creative pillars of the Dutch group AFTER FOREVER, Mark Jansen felt
forced to start from scratch. The day in 2002 when it appeared that
no longer had a future in his former band, he began
without delay in a new project: making contacts, auditions, choice
a name for this new group. The group's original name was SAHARA
DUST, but in early 2003 the name was permanently replaced by that of EPICA.
In the early days the group worked with the Norwegian singer Helena
Michaelsen, TRAIL OF TEARS previously. CependantEpica she left
the band and was quickly replaced by the young and talented
Dutch Simone Simons. The training was stabilized with the arrival of Coen
Janssens (keyboards), Ad SLUYTERS (guitars, ex-CASSIOPEIA), Jeroen Simons
(Drums, ex-CASSIOPEIA) and Yves Huts (bass, ex-Axamenta).

first album was recorded at Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany, under
the expert guidance of producer and technician Sacha Paeth renamed (between
other AINA, RHAPSODY, KAMELOTEpica, ANGRA). The variety of this album appears soon
the first song on the CD. "Adyta" is tinged with an introduction
classical music and sung in Latin. The group works with a choir
classic, and with a string orchestra: three violins, two violas, two
cellos and double bass. The red wire is Simone Simon
mezzo-soprano who, with his style of an opera singer in training
classical music dominates. EPICA is a group fond of contrasts: of
Solid guitars oppose choirs and strings spotless,
sublime vocals of Simone Simons singing death of Mark Jansen. An example of
song in which all these aspects are based on a fascinating unit
is "Sensorium". Rare combination of classic and extreme has been
so compelling.

During the creation of The Phantom
Agony group was particularly inspired by the music
films. EPICA's ambition is to include emotions in words and
music and then transmit it to the listener. The group wants by
Above all give goose bumps to the public. The title song of the album
is a work in which the six members of the group described this effect.
It imcombe the listener to interpret the words in a personal way.
But The Phantom Agony EPICA not clear
not remain blind to the everyday reality. "Facade Of Reality" theme for
the world before and after the September 11 attacks in the United States, and all
changes that occurred during this period. Therefore
the song is a very important meaning for

Why the group he chose the name EPICA? Basically it
are two reasons. First it is a tribute to the band KAMELOT,
which all group members are big fans. Second EPICA is
a place in the universe where all the answers to fundamental questions
located. A meaning that goes beautifully with the contents of
lyrics. Recently a third reason may be invoked: there is not so
long EPICA occurred in Belgium. At some point something
passed between the stage and audience. At the end of the concert the audience was singing
the group name: "E-PI-CA, E-PI-CA". At that time the group went
account how the choice of name was EPICA


01. Karma (1:33)
02. Monopoly On Truth (7:11)
03. Storm the Sorrow (5:12)
04. Delirium (6:08)
05. Internal Warfare (5:13)
06. Requiem For The Indifferent (8:34)
07. Anima (1:25)
08. Guilty Demeanor (3:22)
09. Deep Water Horizon (6:33)
10. Stay The Course (4:25)
11. Deter the Tyrant (6:38)
12. Avalanche (6:53)
13. Serenade Of Self-Destruction (9:55)
14. Twin Flames (Soundtrack Version) (Bonus Track) (5:02)

Size:178.93 MB
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