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File Name:The Passage - EP (2011)
DownloadTorrent:The Passage - EP (2011)
Description: The Passage (2011)


01. Father of Wrath
02. Everfade
03. The Passage
04. Letalis Malevolentia
05. Awakening Moonlight

In Greece, the metal scene has been in an undeniable expansion. This year has been remarked by the releases of «Sorrowful Hell» by Crimson Rivers, «Narcissist» by The Rain I Bleed, «Erevos Aenaon» by Meden Agan and, of course, the second record of Bare Infinity. It is a 5-tracks EP entitled «The Passage». 

Bare Infinity was formed in 2003 and released a successful and high-rated debut album in 2009 called «Always Forever». «The Passage» is definitely a challenge from  «Always Forever». The atmospheric sound present on the debut album was now transformed into something more melodic and aggressive. The choirs appear and Angel’s grunts became more regular than on the debut album. 

Aggressive at times, atmospheric in others, «Father of Wrath» remains along with the title track the compositions from the debut album which were more atmospheric and less aggressive than what was done for this EP. While «Father of Wrath» remains the earlier days because of its atmosphere, «The Passage» remains the softer tracks without harsh vocals like, for example, «Escape».

In «Everfade», the band uses the opposition of female clean vocals and, this time, male growls what turns into a catchy song. «Everfade» would be the best option for a single. This song also shows very well the changes on Bare Infinity’s sound. The more symphonic sound is here and is noticeable in the keyboard lines and choirs. Also the aggressiveness that wasn’t so present in «Always Forever» is here with stronger guitar riffs and, of course, the growls.

«Letalis Malevolentia» and «Awakening Moonlight» are once again proves of the changes in Bare Infinity’s sound. «Letalis Malevolentia» sounds has something totally experimental for the band. Aggressive and melodic, brutal and symphonic, the power present in this song is incontestable. In this song Angel does her most experimental and best vocal performance on Bare Infinity. The variations on her voice are impressive especially if the listener was only used to hear her in the strong register she used on the first album.

In this EP, Angel shows she’s a real singer. Her versatility is really good. Going from lyrical register to grunts and without forget the belting and the charming vocals on «The Passage», she does a secure and professional performance. The improvement is clear and the vocal lines are very well written. The production keeps the good level from the debut but still needs some small improvements.

«The Passage» will surprise Bare Infinity’s fans for its difference from the debut album. Even if the change isn’t drastic at all Bare Infinity isn’t anymore the Atmospheric Power Metal band that was found with «Always Forever». Bare Infinity has now a more mature and aggressive sound that turned into Melodic Power Metal. That change can not satisfy every fan but it was surely an improvement and not a step back. The band is now preparing its second album that will be attended with many expectations!

It is regrettable to announce that after much discussion Bare infinity has been disbanded . This decision is final and irreversible. It has been a wonderful journey . Best of luck to everyone with their chosen paths . I would like to thank everyone for their support and love over the years and wish all the best to everyone !

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