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File Name:Psychofagist - 9 Psalms Of An Antimusic To...
DownloadTorrent:Psychofagist - 9 Psalms Of An Antimusic To...

Artist: Antigama and Psychofagist
Album: 9 Psalms Of An Antimusic To Come
Released: 2012
Style: Avantgarde Grindcore

Although starting off as a brutal death metal band, Psychofagist changed their style for their self-titled 2004 full-length, and currently play a style of technical, death metal-influenced hardcore similar to Ion Dissonance and The Red Chord.

On the second album Il Secondo Tragico their style evolved into mix of chaotic jazz-influenced grindcore and experimental HC. They also use baritone saxophone and flute on the last full-length. 


" This case illustrates the complexity of diagnosis in a person with a first presentation of psychotic symptoms”

Nativity: autumn 2001 – Novara/Piedmont/Italy 
From the birth to August 2002, Psychofagist has been a client of its community mental health centre receiving treatment for post-adolescence malaise.
In the beginning of 2003, the Japanese neurological centre Amputated Vein Records noticed the case and decided to follow it out at the same time of a Belgian criminal asylum patient.
After years of identity crisis, the Fiamma+Cello+Ste composed line-up allowed to stomp the cold halls of Italian and European mental hospitals.
Spring 2004 – a new lunatic asylum noticed Psychofagist, this time in Trento-Italy: Subordinate Productions granted the privilege of its assistance.
In 2007 Il Ducaconte was admitted to the liaison psychiatric service and a couple of months later reflections of Psychofagist’s quadruple personality disorder materialize via the Luca T. Mai breathing apparatus. This pure form of neuroplasmia is currently inducing excruciating high-tunes and alien resonances.
During 2008 and 2009 Psychofagist was engaged with the yelling out of new degenerative opuses and with uncountable number of hospitalisation tours. Improvements in relationship (e.g. Brutal Truth, Natron, Fuck the Facts, Zu, Misery Index, Ephel Duath, Damo Suzuki) were denoted.
2010 is the crucial year to evaluate mental health situation: Dr. Steve Yechezkel Colli, electroshock therapy specialist, who has followed the patient since 2006, denotes a further exacerbation of its psychotic symptoms. A Second Tragic out-of-hand course has begun ...

2010-2011 is the crucial period to evaluate mental health situation: several electroshock therapy specialists denotes a further exacerbation of its psychotic symptoms. The Second Tragic out-of-hand course has begun. Furthermore the patient has been paired up with Polish inmates Antigama: a leading-edge cabalistic bipolar noise-treatment "9 Psalms of an Anti-music to come". 

Physical examination:
four figures in unstable equilibrium
two handfuls of vocal cords
sticks, drums, mushrooms
twelve nichel strings installed on two wooden pieces
electronic boxes and valves
distorted brass synusoids

Psychofagist presents a very serious self-injuring risk

Current neurovegetative signs and symptoms:
Agitation, partial complex crisis, principles of epilepsy, spasticity, convulsions

Mental state examination/Orientation/Cognition:
Abnormalities were detected on tests of frontal lobe function
Extremely high rate of speech, rhythm, volume and intonation
Thought form – illogical, irrational, loose
Thought content – obsessional personality
Perception – hallucinations, disorganized thinking
Mood – demented, apathetic, despondent, angry, fearful

Current medication, duration of treatment, efficacy and side effects should be documented...

01. Missing The Past
02. Paranoia Prima
03. For Just One Breath
04. Finito
05. Apophtegma Nonsense
06. Carne Tremula Marcia
07. Initiation
08. Aritmia
09. Misery Is The River Of The World

Size:69.45 MB
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