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File Name:Rammstein - 1999 - Live Aus Berlin (Live) (Limited Edition)
DownloadTorrent:Rammstein - 1999 - Live Aus Berlin (Live) (Limited Edition)
Description: Industrial metal from Germany, 2 CD limited edition of their live album released in 1999.

There is no other band that sounds remotely like Rammstein. The East German sextet's unique blend of metal, industrial, techno and classical musical elements has made it one of Europe's most successful rock bands ever since the 1995 release of its debut album HERZELEID (which went platinum in several Euro territories). Its successor SEHNSUCHT (released abroad in 1997, and as the band's U.S. debut in January 1998) was not only the logical continuation of the musical concept, but also even more successful than album No. 1. with platinum in Germany AND in the USA and a string of awards in other European countries, Rammstein secured their place in the history of rock music - a development on which their third album MUTTER will build. (Release date: April 3, 2001).

Rammstein are true entertainers. The band's amazing show has become a worldwide must-see, prompting Kiss to have them along as special guests on a South American tour. Even their sternest critics must grudgingly admit that a Rammstein show is first and foremost great entertainment. Robert Christgau, for example, had originally labeled SEHNSUCHT a "dud" but was later converted by the undeniable Rammstein live experience.

Rammstein At MySpace

Normally I'm not a huge Rammstein fan at all, but I like a good deal of their songs and they are probably one of the most original bands in the music history. You can't really talk about originality on a live album, but it's probably the most important thing with this German band and I couldn't write this review without mentioning it. My German is more than limited; I understand maybe ten words on this album, but still I can't get enough of Till Lindemann's complete charisma. German sure has to be one of the most brutal languages in the world and it fits more than perfect with the music. The rhythm of the music is monotonous and evil and the keyboards are industrial and spooky. All instruments sure provide a lot to the originality of Rammstein.

Otherwise I can't say anything else but that Live Aus Berlin is the perfect live album for me. Everything is as it should be - all my favourites are featured, the performance is flawless, the production is raw and cold and still gives a great live feeling. And of course the audience is great - Rammstein plus Berlin is a combination that can't be anything else than perfect. Hearing every single person of the crowd sing along in songs like 'Engel' and 'Du Hast' is shivering and can't be compared too many other live albums I know. 

All things mentioned above, especially the audience and the perfect tracklist should be enough for me to give this album 10/10, but then, I just like the music very much, which isn't really the same thing as loving it. Still I am very, very impressed and I have to say that 'Live Aus Berlin' is one of the best live albums ever.

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