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File Name:Thornium - Dominions of the Eclipse
DownloadTorrent:Thornium - Dominions of the Eclipse
Description: 2011 reissue of this classic underground debut from  1995 

Thornium was founded by Thyph in the year of 1993. Thyph entered the studio the same year to record Thornium´s first and only demo "North Storms Of The Bestial Goatsign". It contain three songs: "In The Depths Of Northern Darkness", "North Storms Of The Bestial Goatsign" and "Min Vandring Till Mörkrets Furste". All instruments was recorded by Thyph himself.
The demo resulted in a deal for a full length CD with the Dutch label Necromantic Gallery Productions. In the dark winter months of November and December in 1994 Thornium entered the studio once more to record the debut album "Dominions Of The Eclipse". This time the line-up consisted of Thyph on drums, bass guitar, guitar, throat and Ulverheim on lead guitar and acoustic guitars. The debut album was released by NGP in early 1995. It consist of eight songs of dark, grim and chilling Black Metal plus one last gloomy song made with synthesizers. Even though the budget was very small Thornium managed to produce a cold and raw album capturing the very essence of Black Metal! It was only released on CD by N.G.P. In the beginning of 2008 it was re-released as a limited gatefold vinyl by the German label Kneel Before The Master´s Throne. And in early autumn of 2011 it will once again be re-released on CD by a collaboration between the band and Soulseller Records. It will be a limited edition digipack with two newly recorded bonus songs, one that dates back to 1995, the last song made before the hiatus. The demo will also be included in the re-release.
Though Thornium never really split up, there was nothing but silence from the band between the years of 1995 and 2007. Thyph got incarcerated and were locked up in prison for many years. Thornium faded into oblivion ...
In late 2007 Thyph and Ulverheim got together again and started writing new material. They got in contact with Soulseller Records and in June of 2008 Thornium signed a three album deal with the Dutch label. In the end of that year Thornium recorded their second album. After a couple of problems and line-up changes the recording line-up finally consisted of Thyph, Ulverheim and in addition; Kali Ma on bass. They released the album: "Mushroom Clouds And Dusk" in March of 2009, the first release in almost fifteen years! It´s a diabolical symphony of the blackest metal imaginable, and the response has been above all expectations! It´s the Apocalypse in audio!
A shorts period of time after "Mushroom Clouds And Dusk" was recorded Thyph parted ways with Ulverheim and Kali Ma continuing on his own with Thornium while looking for members to replace them. And during a couple of months in the spring of 2009 three new members joined the band for a tour. Thyph picked up the bass and handled all the vocals. With this line-up Thornium headed out on a small European tour of eight shows in October of 2009 together with the Finnish band Black Crucifixion and the Dutch band Heretic.
Coming home from the tour in the middle of the dark and cold Scandinavian autumn Thyph started polishing the last pieces of the new album entitled "Fides Luciferius", it was recorded during January and February of 2010. With "Mushroom Clouds And Dusk" being a formidable celebration to the apocalypse, holocaust, death and hate, "Fides Luciferius" opens up a small window to the dark arts."Fides Luciferius" is an occult Black Metal symphony and it was very well received by both the press and the fans.
Since the release of "Fides Luciferius" Ulverheim re-joined for a limited time to do a couple of shows with Thornium. At the same time Lamech joined on drums and Eld on guitar.
Thornium is at this moment working on the fourth studio album, it will by far be the most formidable record the band have put out.

1 - The Desert Land of Blackness
2 - Emperor of the Carpathians
3 - De Som Pesten Dräpte
4 - Dominions of the Eclipse
5 - Det Svarta Riket
6 - Enslaved by the Witches Eyes
7 - Helvetespsalm
8 - Slottet i Skuggornas Mörker
9 - Förmörkelsens Herravälde (remake, 2011)

Bonus songs recorded in the summer of 2011:
10 - Remain in Chaos (newly recorded song from 1995)
11 - Reign of Terror

The demo "North Storms of the Bestial Goatsign" from 1993:
12 - In the Depths of Northern Darkness
13 - North Storms of the Bestial Goatsign
14 - Min Vandring Till Mörkrets Furste


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