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File Name:Winterburst - 2012 - The Mind Cave
DownloadTorrent:Winterburst - 2012 - The Mind Cave
Description: Symphonic black/death metal from France, debut full-length album released in 2012.

Winterburst is a French band of Symphonic Black Metal formed in June 2009 with the arrival of Vorender as vocalist. Before this, Kyll and Jörm (guitars), Terias (keyboards), Freyr (bass) and Shainsaw (drums) already worked on the first songs which will compose the 6 tracks of their Demo.
Produced in December 2009 at the Studio Sainte-Marthe, it's released as soon as it's finished and receives a warm welcome on behalf of the public and the critics. The band approaches historic and mythological themes, expresses its fury and melancholy within at once epic and dark atmospheres. In this universe mainly inspired by the Scandinavian bands of the Extreme Scene, we find numerous influences of other horizons which reflect the musical richness of the group.

2010 is the opportunity occasion for Winterburst to play live on numerous occasions to share its music and its pleasure to be in touch with the audience.

2011, the combo dedicates itself to the writing of its first album where the symphonic orchestrations will take a more important dimension and where the riffs will be more aggressive than in the past. In the middle of the year, Winterburst is chosen to play at the contest organized in Lyon by Metallian for the Wacken Metal Battle. Although it has not been chosen to go to the festival, the band totaly appreciated this opportunity which was given to it to play outside of the Paris area by meeting an overexcited audience.
But the time was not to idleness and the group worked even more intensely to finalize the writing of its new opus. Kyll and Terias are there again the two main composers.

For reasons which are personal to them, Jörm and Freyr are no longer aboard, but Winterburst takes back the road of the Studio Sainte-Marthe in December 2011 for 3 workweeks along with Guillaume Mauduit.

A more personal and precisely worked sound, epic orchestrations allied to devastating blasts, the band is finally ready to reveal the immersed part of the iceberg which had been created with the Demo.

"The Mind Cave", an album composed of 12 tracks for nearly seventy minutes of an ambitious and epic Symphonic Black Metal.

Winterburst At MySpace

Making its way from France, today we have Winterburst and their very impressive debut release "The Mind Cave”. With a very bombastic Symphonic Black Metal sound, the band delivers nearly 70 minutes of high-octane music that resembles the greats of the genre: Dimmu Borgir. Focusing on delivering the catchiest and most effective songs, the band delivers intense riffing and drumming with a high dosage of orchestrations and choir arrangements.

Opening with the highly dramatic "A Mirror’s Game”, this release immediately blows you away with the production quality behind it. The choirs are amazing and the immediate riffing intensity is excellent. The vocals sound a bit like Shagrath making them very fitting for the massive sound that Winterburst has. Changing between shrieks, growls and clean sections, the band’s vocalist Vorender is as versatile as they come. The power of Kyll’s guitars is felt immediately and on tracks like "The Mind Cave”, they pound away relentlessly. We particularly enjoy this track due to its intricate orchestrations as well.

Pummeling through amazing songs like "The Immortals”, "Insanitarium”, "D'Ombres Et D'Infini” and "Circus of Freaks”, the band’s songwriting abilities are greatly showcased with challenging compositions of monumental nature that sound very catchy and effective. The tempo changes and bestial drumming make this release very dynamic and quite refreshing to listen to. There are also countless sections where Terias keyboards are just magical at creating creepy and interesting atmospheres, for example on our favorite "Circus of Freaks”.

Our second favorite track in this release has to be the melancholic "The Stray”. In this track the band focuses on creating a dark atmosphere that is enshrouded by awesome choir sections, intricate drumming, and very well crafting riffs. This song reminded us a bit of Throes of Dawn and their "Dreams of the Black Earth” era. Bordering in a crazy combination of Arcturus and Dimmu Borgir, "Beyond the Wall” is one of those songs that will resonate in your head for days to come.

Just before the closing instrumental version of "Beyond the Wall”, we have the super sick "The Upcoming Chaos”. This song would serve as the perfect backdrop for the end of humanity due to its extremely sick opening choir section and overall apocalyptic feeling. The ‘acoustic’ passage near the middle of this song is just downright chilling and one of the best we have ever heard in a Symphonic Black Metal release.

Love them or hate them because of their similarity to other Symphonic Black Metal band, one thing is for sure: Winterbust has managed to compose and deliver one of the best Symphonic BM albums in the history of the genre. The band’s song writing abilities are just outstanding and they are reflected in each of the 12 tracks presented in "The Mind Cave”. So get off your ass and try to get a copy of this excellent release (and very professionally packaged we might add) before the band runs out of them.

My own rip from flac to MP3 320k, quality guaranteed!

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