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File Name:Trivium - Discography (2003-2011)
DownloadTorrent:Trivium - Discography (2003-2011)
Description: Trivium 

Trivium is an American heavy metal band out of Orlando, Florida.[1] Their "kick in the face" style of thrash metal loved by millions all across the world has quickly put them in the mainstream of heavy metal. The band just recently finished touring with Slayer and Mastodon for the "Unholy Alliance III" tour and is at the end of its "Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour" schedule.[2] They are currently on the bill for the "All Hope is Gone" tour, headlined by Slipknot which will give fans in the U.S. the long awaited chance to see them live again as the tour hits locations all across the country.[3]
The original band members formed in the year 2000 when former vocalist, Brad Lewter whom attended high school with current front man, Matt Heafy saw him perform covers of "Self Esteem" by The Offspring and "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica at the school talent show. Lewter asked Heafy to try out for his band. Heafy agreed and they headed over to current drummer, Travis Smith's house where they played "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica. Extremely impressed with the talent Heafy possessed they accepted him into the band, Trivium. The band, together now with former bassist, Brent Young began playing live at local bars and clubs. Eventually Lewter quit the band which would be the beginning of the Trivium loved by millions today when Heafy took over as lead vocalist and guitarist.

Trivium began recording in 2003 and produced a high-quality demo that would later be heard by the German label, Lifeforce. The band signed on with Lifeforce and recorded their debut album, Ember to Inferno. Songs such as, "Pillars of Serpents" and "Requiem" had an addictive new edge on metal music. Heafy's relentless machine gun riffs and throaty lyrics coupled with Smith's backbone hammering drum beats created instant fans out of anyone that enjoyed the heavy metal genre. In 2004, the band accepted current lead guitarist, Corey Beaulieu into the band as well as current bassist, Paolo Gregoletto who replaced Young. With their four-man army complete they packed their axes and began to tour promoting Ember to Inferno. Their success with the album earned them a tour with headlining band, Machinehead and gained the interest of their current record label, Roadrunner Records which also signed bands including: Slipknot, Atreyu, DragonForce, Lamb of God and Megadeth.

Now under a major record label, they began recording for the album, Ascendancy, which would include some of the most popular singles and videos they ever released. The band worked with producer, Jason Suecof who was successful in producing albums for bands including Devildriver, Chimaira, All That Remains and the collage of metal gods that comprised Roadrunner United.[4] Among the singles released were, "Dying in Your Arms", "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" and "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr". The band, especially Heafy and Beaulieu, began appearing on countless numbers of television and radio broadcasts as well as endless magazine articles and interviews. Their popularity and success continued to attract the attention of other artists and they would continue to tour with headliners such as Killswitch Engage and Fear Factory. In 2005 they were part of the metal rock phenomenon, Ozzfest and made a main stage appearance at the Download Festival held at Donington Park in England.[5][6] Just barely in their twenties and they had truly made it.

It was now 2006 and the fans were literally screaming for more. Trivium answered with a new album titled, The Crusade. As many fans agree, they tried something different and it wasn't the same sound everyone expected from Trivium. The album received a lot of criticism with many saying it too closely resembled Metallica. Most fans remained loyal however with few songs like, "And Sadness Will Sear" that still had the undeniable Trivium edge. When asked about the different vocal style Heafy stated:

"If anyone is wondering why the screaming is gone it's because the four of us were never into bands that scream and we don't like any of the current bands that scream, so we asked ourselves why we're doing it. This time around I wanted to be a better singer because that's what we wanted to hear, so we dropped the screaming and did a lot of vocal training and vocal work."

In 2008, the band struck back with a vengeance and released their most successful album to date, Shogun. They began recording tracks in 2007 and decided to work with a different producer, Nick Raskulinecz who is the award-winning producer that worked with the Foo Fighters and Rush.[7] Songs such as, "Kirisute Gomen", "Into the Mouth of Hell We March" and "Down from the Sky" gave fans the kick in the face they had been waiting for. Heafy brought back the screaming and with it the band delivered 11 rock solid tracks that all have something new to offer. This album really showcases the entire bands talent and how much they have grown as musicians. The album went straight to the top of the charts in the UK and landed a #23 spot on the Billboard 200.

Preparing to tour again with headliner, Slipknot they will no doubt draw more fans from the mainstream metal fan base and continue to ascend.


Current members: 

2000-   Matthew Kiichi Heafy - guitar, vocals 
2003-   Corey Beaulieu - guitar, vocals 
2004-   Paolo Gregoletto - bass, vocals 
2010-   Nick Augusto - drums 

Former musicians:  

2000   Richie Brown - bass 
2000   Brad Lewter - vocals 
2000   Matt Schuler - guitar 
2000-2001   Brent Young - guitars 
› 2001-2004   -//- bass 
2000-2001   Jarred Bonaparte - bass 
2000-2010   Travis Smith - drums 
2001-2003   George Moore - guitar 


2003 - Trivium [Demo]
2003 - Ember to Inferno
2005 - Ascendancy
2006 - The Crusade
2008 - Shogun
2011 - In waves

All in MP3 CBR@320kbps

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