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File Name:Adramelech Full-Length Discography (1996-2005)
DownloadTorrent:Adramelech Full-Length Discography (1996-2005)
Description: Death metal from Finland, full-length discography of three albums released between 1996-2005.

Adramelech: unquestionably one of the originators of the old-school Finnish death metal sound was formed in 1991 by Jarkko Rantanen in Loimaa, Finland. Influenced by such bands as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Sinister, Vader and Carcass, Adramelech were constantly troubled by ongoing line-up changes, but managed to pull out a decent catalog of death metal releases throughout the years. Lyrically dealing with ancient mythology, Adramelech were shadowed by more successful Finnish bands such as Amorphis, Demigod, Impaled Nazarene and Mordicus; instead the band lurked in the shadows making their name in underground circles.

At first, wearing the status of "little brother of Demigod", which members appeared on the line up, Adramelech released a rehearsal tape "Human Extermination" and a demo "Grip Of Darkness" (1992). Soon they got signed to Adipocere Records (FRA) who released the band's first official release "Spring Of Recovery" (1992). The first long creative break followed, forcing members to learn totally new instruments to be able to continue with the path they chose. In 1994 Repulse Records' Dave Rotten, a huge fan of the Finnish death metal sound, woke up the band and released "The Fall" EP. When "the older brother" chose to explore a more thrash-influenced style, Adramelech stuck to their guns and kept on delivering uncompromising pure death metal and in 1996 they were rewarded with their first full-length album, "Psychostasia" released by Repulse Records.

In 1997, the band was in their ultimate form and the result was the hard-hitting "Seven" MCD blessed with the classic Tico Tico Studio production. Again, shortly after the release, the band was blistered with another line-up problem and was briefly brought back to life for a Repulsive tour in 1998 with Incantation, Deeds Of Flesh and Avulsed. In 1998, new members were brought in and for the first time, Jarkko left the vocal duties to concentrate on drums. The new line-up was strong, but faced another problem with the release of the second album, having to form a label of their own, Severe Music, in order for it to be released. "Pure Blood Doom" was finally out in 1999; however, the band were once again plagued by line-up difficulties in late 2000. The final Adramelech line-up gathered to record their last release "Terror Of Thousand Faces" in 2002, which was released by Xtreem Music (ex-Repulse) three years later.

As of now Adramelech have been laid to rest. Jarkko, founder of Adramelech, has yet to make any official announcements regarding the band's future.

Adramelech At MySpace

1996 Psychostasia

I've quite often seen this band compared to fellow countrymen Demilich, which I could never decide if I fully agreed with. I won't deny there are some similarities but I've always felt Adramelech offered something quite different from their counterparts, and in fact the majority of their regional scene. Sure, I'm not contesting the brilliance of Demigod etc, but next to Sentenced these were probably my favorite old school death metal act from Finland.

I often find it hard to place a finger on just what it is about Psychostasia that makes me love it so much. I don't normally have a lot of time for death metal, however when the time arises this is exactly the kind of shit I want to hear. The fucking riffs on this album are ingenious, perfectly technical yet always remaining damn heavy, skull splitting in fact. The vocals are awesome, with quite a muddy, suffocating mix giving them an distant, almost ethereal feel. Far from the average cookie monster growls, the vocals here had more in common with the European guard.

As I stated, the production has quite a suffocating feel, yet the clarity is surprisingly good. The drums have an earthy, natural feel to them, the guitar tone is as menacing as they come and the bass just fucking rumbles around, shaking your bowels. This all adds to the dust clogged atmosphere, helped by the awesome album artwork. I wouldn't be surprised if I went out for a spot of grave robbing, only to pry open a tomb and have this album blast out in a cloud of virulent, age old debris.

Blending absolutely classic old school death metal stylings such as "The Book of the Worm" with furious bouts of technical mastery as seen in the title track, Psychostasia is just under 35 minutes of sheer bad-assery. Whilst quite hard to track down on hard copy, this is an album I'd recommend doing anything in your power to hear. Somewhat of a lost gem amongst the mighty old school Finnish death metal scene, I can happily recommend this to any serious fan of old school death metal. This is death metal how it should be and would certainly make my top 10-20 list in the genre. BFA (bad-fucking-ass).

1999 Pure Blood Doom

Adramelech are best known for sharing a couple of members with Demigod. As a result, some dismiss them as the poor man's Demigod. This isn't totally true, for Adramelech do have a style of their own.

Comparisons have been drawn to a range of other bands from Massacra to Atrocity - though recorded in 1999, the album sounds more like it is from the first half of the 1990s. Basically, the riffs are in a style halfways between eighties death metal and European early-nineties death, but the song structures (the music's "skeletons", so to speak) are far more complex and epic than either of those with each song having a distinct narrative structure.

This combination of dynamy and in-your-faceness is perhaps where the main similarity with Demigod is, but there's a serious difference in tone. Where Demigod is mysterious, Adramelech is martial. The tone of the album is more aggressive and destructive, if so in a disciplined rather than feral way than introspective and metaphysical. "Pure Blood Doom" also incorporates some black metal elements Demigod don't - mostly the entire epic, mythological feel.

The reason this mostly works is that the complexity doesn't ruin the atmosphere or make it difficult to get into. It's not quite as good as "The Slumber of Sullen Eyes" but still worth getting.

2005 Terror Of Thousand Faces

On this, Adramelech's 3rd full length release, the band has abbandoned the realm of blackened death metal, and opted for a more basic approach to the death metal genre. The riffs are brutal, the drumming is fast, and the vocals are harsh. All you could want from a death metal album right? Hmm....

To me, this album is as generic as death metal can get. That's not to say, that this is ALL bad, but considering the band's previous releases, this comes as quite a disappointment. The song structures are heavily simplified, going from the classical influences of "PsychoStasia", to a focus on groove, and brutality. The energy is certainly there, but is this really offering anything new to the death metal genre? 

The vocals are growled much like the vocals of a thousand albums before it, while the riffs seem to speed through the songs as if to say, "can we stop now? Seinfeld is on". The drumming is good, but once again, quite generic, and adds nothing to the songs. 

The lyrics are focused on violence and war. Gee, no band has EVER done that before. Not only this, they are terribly cliched, and look like they were written by a death metal robot.

Overall, this is not a bad album, per se, but it has absolutely no originality to it whatsoever. Everything about it is completely generic, and is really nothing you haven't heard before by the countless numbers of death metal bands out there. If you like never-changing growled vocals, basic song structures, heavy riffs, and fast drumming, as well as ridiculous and cliched lyrics, go ahead and give this album a shot. Otherwise, stay away from it, Chances are, you've heard it before anyway.

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