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File Name:Master - 2012 - The New Elite
DownloadTorrent:Master - 2012 - The New Elite
Description: Death metal from USA, latest full-length album released in 2012.

Few bands in the extreme metal world who have been round the block as many times as Master have remained as under-appreciated as these death metallers still are. Formed in 1983 before there was ever a 'death metal' and still going strong today, numerous line-up changes around mainman Paul Speckmann, and a relocation from Chicago to Czech Republic, "The Human Machine" is the bands' 10th studio album, and to anyone who knows previous Master, is still very much in the same thrashy, pissed-off politically charged vein that has always defined their work. After a slow start to their career in terms of frequency of releases, the last 9 years have seen 5 albums of new material emerge with a consistency of release around the marks other old-timers like Obituary and Grave have stuck to, making it very hard to dislike anything they ever do.

On the other hand, and like Obituary and Grave too in this respect, none of these releases have ventured in to the leagues of the truly great records, where if my listening habits are anything to go by, they steal playing time away from the old favourites. In comparison to my 'old favourites' (that being the "Unreleased 1985 Album" and "On the Seventh Day God Created... Master" ) the sound is naturally smoother and clearer, a far cry from the sick vocal sounds still eminating from Speckmann's mouth. His gurgling vocal style best evidenced in songs like "It's What Your Country Can Do For You" suggests a man not happy with the world around him, and is far more effective in doing so than a standard deep-throated growl. Being as resolutely as old-school as Master are little concession is made in the song-writing to appease more modern fans of the genre; each songs spits and flies by at a fast tempo in a similar vein throughout, reminiscent of early DM albums such as Possessed's "Seven Churches" and Death's "Scream Bloody Gore", where bands played to a feeling and consistency than aiming for the greatest level of technicality or variation.

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