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File Name:Purified in Blood - Flight of a Dying Sun
DownloadTorrent:Purified in Blood - Flight of a Dying Sun
Purified in Blood – Flight of a Dying Sun
Label: Indie Recordings
Year: June 15th, 2012
Format: Full-length

1. The Absolute (01:58)
2. Storm of Blood (04:06)
3. Mot Grav (03:08)
4. Iron Hands (04:05)
5. Mind is Fire (02:48)
6. Escape to Solace (04:59)
7. Void (04:05)
8. Flight of a Dying Sun (08:58)

Two years after releasing "Under Black Skies", Purified in 
Blood is now ready to unleash yet another monster; "Flight 
Of A Dying Sun". Taking their sound to a new level, the 
band is very pleased with the outcome of this new 
recording. They have a newfound intensity inspired by their 
early days. Mixing the hard with the groovy this album has 
the variety listeners will find interesting and heavy. 

"Under Black Skies" got overwhelming critics and the band 
is widely known to deliver the goods live as well. 

"This is the missing link between "Reaper of Souls" and 
"Under Black Skies"", says singer Hallgeir S. Enoksen. 
Their first album is known for its rawness and intensity. 
"Reaper of Souls" was also recorded by Jacob Bredahl back 
in 2006 and they always talked about recording with him 
again after that. Now it was time. The second album has 
more of an organic sound. "Flight Of A Dying Sun" is the 
two combined in one hell of an album. 

This time around the bands second singer Glenn Reaper is 
out and Hallgeir faced a new challenge being one vocalist. 
A challenge he has been nailing the past one and a half 
year with no problems what so ever. His voice range has 
developed a lot the past year singing alone and he takes on 
the task with no remorse, no repent. Glenn Reaper is still 
doing a guest appearance on the power anthem Iron Hands. 

Alongside with Glenn, Erlend Hjelvik from the brother band 
Kvelertak appears on the album's first single and only 
Norwegian song; Mot Grav. 

Other guest appearances on the album are Kjetil M°ster 
(Datarock, Ultralyd, M°ster) on drone-saxophone, ┼dne 
Sµverud on organ and Jens Borge (Skadne Krek) on 
contrabass. Last but certainly not least they have Siberian 
throat singer Albert Kuvezin on board to start the whole 
album with his voice of war. 

"Flight Of A Dying Sun" is recorded and produced by Danish 
juggernaut Jacob Bredahl and mixed and mastered by the 
metal legend Tue Madsen; the heaviest combo known to man. 

Needless to say "Flight Of A Dying Sun" will leave a mark 
in the year 2012. There is enough heaviness and groove on 
the album to crush mountains! 

In the summer of 2004 the EP Last Leaves of a Poisoned Tree was released on the American underground-label New Eden Records. Later that year they won the Zoom-awards together with Rumble in Rhodos and Vishnu. As a result of this the band got to play during by:Larm and Øya Festival in 2005, and also tour around the country. PiB also toured several times in USA and Europe.
In the spring of 2005 the signed for the German recordlabel Alveran Records, which happened to be the producers of their first album, Reaper of Souls, in 2006.
January 21, 2006 the band won the Alarm Award 2006 for Best Live Band, competing with huge Norwegian bands such as Madrugada, Kaizers Orchestra and Turbonegro.

The band dissolved in January 2007. There was reportedly many reasons for the breakup, but one of them, and maybe the most significant one, is that several of the members had decided no longer to follow the Vegan Straight Edge lifestyle, which had been an important theme in the band's material. The band announced the break-up with this blog on their MySpace-site:
We want to thank each and everyone of you who supported us and helped us along the way.
-Glenn, Hallgeir, Sander, Tommy, Stig & Anders
"Good things never last"

April 25, 2008 the Purified in Blood-members announced that they were gathered again to play together, this time stronger, harder and better than ever.
The same way that the dissolvation was advertised, PiB gave notice of their reunion on MySpace:
Purified in Blood Reunion
To all our friends out there; we are back and we are stronger than ever! This summer we will appear at the Norwegian Hove festival and at a show with the migthy Madball in Oslo. Stay tuned for news throughout the summer.
- Glenn, Hallgeir, Sander, Tommy, Stig & Anders
In 2010, they released an album entitled "Under Black Skies" and have played many shows, supporting bands such as Protest the Hero and Born of Osiris

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