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File Name:Syringe – 2012 - Former Life Departure
DownloadTorrent:Syringe – 2012 - Former Life Departure

THE MEANING OF SYRINGE: If you were to take a syringe and inject poison into your body, it won’t just affect the injection site, it would spread through your whole body, making you sick and eventually die. The 1st part of Romans 5:19 says, "For just as through the disobedience of the one man, the many were made sinners...” When Adam disobeyed God, it didn’t just affect him. It affected the whole world. Sin entered the world through the one man, and death entered through sin. We are all born into a sinful nature because of it, and you can see the effect in today’s world and throughout history.
Likewise, a doctor can inject antibiotics into you when you‘re sick. It spreads through the whole body, eventually making you well. 

The 2nd part of Romans 5:19 says, " also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.” God sent his Son into this world to be the final sacrifice for us. Jesus’ obedience didn’t just affect him, it affected the whole world. Now, anyone can receive eternal life through Christ. "Just as one trespass resulted in condemnation for all people, so also one righteous act resulted in justification and life for all people.” (Romans 5:18)

Syringe began in the summer of 2000 when drummer Michael Robles and vocalist/guitarist Derek Corzine met at a local Christian music store. The two soon formed a friendship and began playing Tourniquet covers that soon morphed into writing their own material. After the addition of bassist Ricky Pool and guitarist James Urias, the group began writing music, bringing their own influences to the mix. Influences include death metal, thrash, progressive, black metal, blues, and latin music. Syringe performed extensively in Texas until 2005 when they officially disbanded and played their last show.
Now, Syringe is happy to offer their music online for free as a ministry tool to reach those who need to receive the messages behind the songs. The newly re-recorded material is based on the original Syringe demos. Even if the band is gone, the music and message of Christ remains.

Derek Corzine: Vocals/Guitar
James Urias: Guitar/BGV 
Ricky Pool: Bass 
Michael Robles: Drums/Percussion


1. Age of Innocence (6:17)
2. Double Curiosity (6:15)
3. Hellrazer (3:46)
4. Requiem (4:30)
5. Burn No More (4:41)
6. Night of the Living Dead (4:01)
7. No Compromise (4:27)
8. Strength (4:08)
9. Reborn (5:50)
10. Shield (4:47)
11. Twisted Words (7:09)

Size:131.10 MB
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