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File Name:Marauder - 2004 - Life
DownloadTorrent:Marauder - 2004 - Life
Description: Epic heavy/power metal from Greece, full-length album released in 2004.

Marauder were created in the early ’90 by Andreas Tsaoussis & George Sofronas, two friends who since then, were playing football and listening to their beloved music, Heavy Metal. Although, the first time is always hard and disapponting, they tried to jam with some friends without a satisfying result. They would never imaging what would follow.

At the specific time, Death & Thrash Metal were flowering rapidly but their will and love for Heavy Metal was stronger. The result was to make many live performances in Greece where they became famous.

The first demo "Try to live" was recorded in 1991 and it was pure & strong. Having great success, their second demo "The die is cast" (1993) was the logical sequense of what they have started. Day by day, their hunger for more recognition and offering, was a result for the band to release their first cd "Sense of Metal" in 1997 by Live Rec. The style of the band remains the same, classic Heavy Metal. After many live performances, the band strikes with their second cd, "1821" released by the brazilian Megahard Rec. in 2000. This album was dedicated to the great revolution of 1821 and in memory to all Greek  heroes, who died to free Greece. A really great masterpiece of speed / epic / power / classic Heavy Metal. As the live performances were taking place, the band more mature than ever, was composing new songs for their third album. Despite the fact that they had problems with many record companies, their new album "Life?" was released in 2004 by the greek Eat Metal Rec., a company which helps the band to be even more famous over the world.

In conclusion, the band counts 2 demos & 3 cds since nowadays, including many participations in collections, with the most important of them "Day of the Demon – A tribute to Demon” performing the song "The Grand Illusion” and a participation in the Sweden Rock Magazine, performing their song "Power from the sky" taken from their third cd, "Life?", being among great names like Dio & Saxon.

Many changes of members have taken place since their first rehearsal, but they always keep their authenticity and always show respect and honor to Heavy Metal. The present line-up is represented by Andreas Tsaoussis & George Sofronas o­n lead guitars, Grigoris Vlachos o­n drums, Alexander Kostarakos o­n vocals & Thodoris Paralis o­n bass. The new cd FACE THE MIRROR is ready and it will be released soon. Keeping titles secret, we know that another jewel will see the light and we are waiting for it.

Walking o­n the paths that great bands have paved, like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden, Rainbow etc. until the early Primal Fear, Marauder continue their offering in Heavy Metal by composing great masterpieces such as Born again, Free like an Eagle, Power from the Sky and many more. Spreading their wings, Marauder call us to feel their Magic Art through their Sense Of Metal, so that we all together Fly In To A Perfect Dream. Being Faster Than Thunder and by God’s Will, we will see incised our Faces In The Sky. Then as a Falling Star we shall expel Evil’s Curse and we’ll return as Defenders of Metal. The Die Is Cast and The Greek Revolution Begins!!!

Marauder At MySpace

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