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File Name:Sepultura - Donington 96
DownloadTorrent:Sepultura - Donington 96

Recording location : 1996/08/17 Donington, UK, album versions
Comment: Thanks to Fab for the information.
Media type: CD
Release date: 1997
Record company: Earalive
Availability: Uncommon, Out Of Print
Quality: A

01. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict Cover)
02. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys Cover)
03. Polícia (Titãs Cover)
04. Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath Cover)
05. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (Discharge Cover)
06. Bodies (Sex Pistols Cover)
07. C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform)
08. Orgasmatron (Studio)
09. Necromancer (Demo Version)
10. The Past Reborns The Storm (Demo Version)
11. A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer
12. Crucificados Pelo Sistema (RxDxPx Cover)
13. Anticop (Megarare Track)
14. Procreation Of The Wicked (Celtic Frost Cover)
15. Territory (Donington)
16. Breed Apart (Donington)
17. Straight Hate (Donington)
18. Arise (Donington)
19. Ambush (Donington)
20. Medley (Donington)
21. Kaiowas (Unplugged)

In 1994 Max developed a great parallel project with Alex Newport from the band Fudge Tunnel. They named it NAILBOMB and recorded the album POINT BLANK with ultra-special guests Andreas Kisser, Igor Cavalera, Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), just to name a few. NAILBOMB recorded a second and last album while playing at the DYNAMO Open Air to a crowd of 100.000. It was a quick but strong project, and is considered a cult by the SEPULTURA fans.

By then, SEPULTURA had written its part of the history of music and was celebrating a decade of existence but still felt the urge to create, innovate and evolve. And they did rose to a new level with their 1996's effort entitled ROOTS. The album title made clear what had influenced the band during the writing and recording process. Lots of Brazilian icons can be found in this remarkable record but the strongest is without a doubt the experience with the Brazilian native Xavantes tribe. The band spent some days living with the tribe and recorded the song Itsari during its stay there.

The songs Roots Bloody Roots, Attitude and Ratamahatta were all realeased as singles and videos. The first video clip (Roots Bloody Roots) was recorded in the city of Salvador, the birthplace of Brazil. The Attitude video features The Gracie family, Brazilian sport legends, and creators of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Ratamahatta is sung in Portuguese and features Brazilian percussionist Carlinhos Brown. The video clip for the song won the Best Rock Video award at MTV's Video Music Awards Brazil, and is the only video of SEPULTURA featuring no humans. It only shows puppets in a digitally animated world. The band then released a double version of the album entitled THE ROOTS OF SEPULTURA, with the regular version of ROOTS in one CD and a brief musical history of the band on the second one.

The ROOTS tour was scheduled worldwide and included some important festivals. The band's routine was quite tiring. Tragedy struck the band the day SEPULTURA was playing Donington's "Monsters of Rock" Festival. They received the sad news that a close friend of the band, the son of the band's manager and Max's stepson, Dana Wells, had died. As soon as possible Max flew back to the USA and the band had to perform for the first time as a three piece, in one of the most meaningful concerts of their career. Some fellow musicians helped them out and the three band members did well, they were hurt and sad, but didn't let their fans down that day.

The crowd understood the situation and showed respect to the band with one minute of absolute silence, a bone chilling moment. After this concert SEPULTURA took a break to pay their last respcets and mourn Dana but was back on the road shortly after.

The band did extended and successful concerts during that tour, but meanwhile administrative concerns were creating tension within the band. Often, they would not agree with the management and ultimately opted not to renew the contract of their manager when the time came. Unfortunately, the band's manager happened to be Max's wife, and the couple couldn't agree with the rest of the band. They were given the choice to split the management of the band, so Max could be managed by his wife. Instead, Max decided to leave the band. The rest of the tour had to be cancelled and the band's future was in jeopardy.

Recovering from the shock, the band knew they couldn't end their life's work this way and abandon their legion of loyal fans, as SEPULTURA is more than a band to some; it also is an ideology. As soon as they could they started working on their next album as a three piece. Meanwhile, Max went on and formed a new band (SOULFLY).

Igor, Paulo and Andreas found a new way for their music. This new direction brought Paulo's bass to the spotlight and Andreas did he vocals for a while but, as he never had sung before, wasn't comfortable doing it. SEPULTURA then started auditioning for a new singer.

The demo tapes came flying in RoadRunner Records offices from all over the world and the seIection process proved to be a tough one. A small number of vocalists sounded good enough to take the spot. Each received a tape containing a couple of songs and were asked to work on it, including writing lyrics, before meeting the band for an audition. The final auditions took place in Brazil, for the fondness of the new singer with the band's homeland and its culture was essential, so were the bonding and relations with the band members.

Right from the start, the band was impressed by Derrick Green. Derrick felt comfortable in Brazil, became a soccer fan, and got along with the band extremely well. Derrick was the man SEPULTURA was looking for and he became part of the family.

When Derrick joined, most of the songs were already written, only the the vocals were missing, and the band was in a rush to get the album released. Still they did everything the best they could, and AGAINST was released in 1998.

A very emotional album, AGAINST reflects the struggle of the band to win back their confidence and sportrays the power of SEPULTURA. Very special guests contributed to the album : long time friends of the band Joao Gordo (REZA) and Jason Newsted (HATRED ASIDE) and the Japanese Taiko drummers from KODO (KAMAITACHI), who hosted SEPULTURA at the KODO village (the Sado Island in Japan).

Then came the time to meet the fans again and make clear to everyone that all the press's gossip about SEPULTURA being dead were shameless rumors and lies. The first concert of the AGAINST era was a big charity event in Brazil, the BARULHO CONTRA FOME (Noise against hunger) concert.

Derrick had been in a few bands before, but never had to face such a numerous, loyal and demanding audience. SEPULTURA rehearsed for BARULHO CONTRA FOME by playing a few concerts in small venues in California, including Los Angeles (Brick by Brick), under the name 'TROOPS OF DOOM'.

BARULHO CONTRA FOME was a great success. Several special SEPULTURA guests performed with them, presenting the 30.000 fans a show they'll remember forever. Mike Patton traveled from Italy to Sao Paulo to jam with the band. Jason Newsted came from the US. The Xavantes Indians got to know a whole new world coming down from their village to the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo. Carlinhos Brown left sunny Bahia to do RATAMAHATTA again. Jairo gladly joined his ex-band mates again and horror movie legend Coffin Joe blessed the band in his evil ways. Press and fans from abroad joined the enthusiastic crowd and warmly welcomed Derrick to the Sepultribe.

The singles 'TRIBUS', 'AGAINST' AND 'CHOKE' (this one also having a video clip with live footage from BARULHO CONTRA FOME show) were released off AGAINST. The AGAINST TOUR was succesful, reaching countries all over the world. SEPULTURA join classic metal act SLAYER to tour for the first time, putting an end to an unfounded rumor that the bands didn't get along well. And for the joy of die-hard Brazilian fans, SEPULTURA finally toured Brazil after years of absence.

As soon as the tour was over, the four musicians started writing the next album. The AGAINST years were an essential energy boost to the band that led them to conquer their own NATION (2001).

Andreas, Paulo, Igor and Derrick altogether wrote an album and created a utopian world. A special place for the most important people: fans, friends and families. The lyrics of the song SEPULNATION explain it all, their music is their weapon and they use it skillfully.

Thanks to the cooperation of the band's WebTribe, SEPULTURA were invited to play the third edition of the Rock in Rio festival. There they introduced the NATION to a 150.000 people crowd, starting the show with the amazing anthem VALTIO, written with the collaboration of Finnish musicians APOCALYPTICA. This new record went gold even before it reached the stores. It has its own style, guests like Jello Biafra and Dr. Israel, and even quotes from Mother Teresa de Calcutta, Albert Einstein, Gandhi and the 14th Dalai Lama.

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