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File Name:Mörk Gryning - 1995 - Tusen Ar Har Gatt
DownloadTorrent:Mörk Gryning - 1995 - Tusen Ar Har Gatt
Description: Black metal from Sweden, debut full-length album released in 1995.

This CD left me speechless the first time I heard it; I was blown away. Many may not see or understand it on first listening but it's one of those things that will grow on you. With a sound a bit like dissection and dawn Mork Gryning pulls off a traditional blackened death sound with a unique quality of their own. With the initial keyboard intro that starts the CD you're hurled right into non stop crushing riffs composed mainly of melodic tremolo segments. 

I heard this for the first time about 5 years ago and since then it has been and remained one of my all time favorite CD's. It just does not get boring. Admittedly some songs could be better; too short etc. 

My favorite track is "Armageddon Has Come to Pass". One of the most memorable and haunting acoustic passages I have ever heard. Throw in the tranquil rain falling onto the green leaves of a forest and it makes for one hell of a song.

Mörk Gryning At MySpace

And this will still stand tall. Mörk Gryning is a swedish black metal band who seemed to stand in the shadow of fellow black metallers Dissection. This album came out around the same time as Storm Of The Lights Bane and while being almost as good, seemed to have received less than half the appreciation. Much less than deserved to say the least. 

This album offers a straight forward blend of catchy melody and scathing intensity topped with cold and beautiful atmosphere. 
The riffs consist mainly of fast and dynamic tremolo picked melodies to intensify the icy coldness that is the cornerstone of black metal. 
Keyboards are used a fair bit in the background to improve on the atmosphere, as are acoustic guitar interludes, both with great result. 
Drums differs between fast and middle tempo, double bass used very frequently. The drum sound has this eerie echo to it, much like most of the old black and death metal bands, which I love so much. It helps to give you the feeling it really does come from the deepest abyss. 
Vocals range from throat-ripping high growls to a deeper, darker kind. 
Bass is audible to some extent, although not prominent in any way.
Production are surprisingly clear considering the time it was recorded. This is not like the raw, Norwegian sound of Mayhem, Darkthrone or Satyricon. 

The icy atmosphere Mörk Gryning creates are so captivating you can't help but listen to this album several times in a row. All songs follow the same formula and here lies also the only negative I can find. Individual songs are not as memorable as the album itself and here is where the aforementioned album by the bastardchild of Jon Nödveidt shines superior. This album is meant to be enjoyed as a whole and therefore I will not recommend any specific song and instead everyone of them. From beginning to end. 

I recommend this album to fans of Dissection or anyone who likes black metal with emphasis on melody.

This is EAC rip with highiest quality as requestor needs!

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