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File Name:Peste Noire - 2012 - Les Demos (Compilation)
DownloadTorrent:Peste Noire - 2012 - Les Demos (Compilation)
Description: Black metal from France, latest compilation released in 2012.

Peste Noire have for a long time shown little concern in opinions of the general audience. Falling generally under the umbrella of black metal, the band has exhibited a creative and often unorthodox approach to song writing; black metal riffs intersperse with traditional melodic rock soloing, audible, distinct bass lines, gentle acoustic interludes, and occasionally bursts of electronics. While the results of this have seen various levels over time, one can’t fault them for being generic photocopies – other than, perhaps, themselves. So when the new album was announced, there was certainly plenty of excitement, - and plenty of scepticism.

The music of Kommando Peste Noire is often as serious as it is comical. Beautiful melodic arrangements are typically recorded and played in such a way that they sound off, as if melting or rotting, leaving the harsher and more explosive passages to portray the picture of genuine chaos and disturbed mind. This remains true for L'Ordure à l'état Pur; opening with a shimmering guitar progression reminiscent slightly of Primordial, it proceeds to tear apart any conceptions of how this music should be played. Vitriolic staccato verse riffs and the acoustics mentioned earlier are interspersed with militant beats, electronic sections with an almost industrial feel, waltz-like interludes and, infrequently, soft soprano over the top of the more subdued chord work, all in the course of just over 50 minutes. The musical insanity and perversions are spearheaded by Famine’s depraved, unsettled vocals. Yet despite all of these elements, there are few – if, indeed, any – conflicting or jarring moments within the record. Everything is tied together seamlessly, so that absurd and normal don’t seem like such strange bedfellows all of a sudden. One gets the impression that behind all the messy tones and challenging ideas, there is a deliberate and calculated effort bent on leaving behind nothing but ruins.

For those who are already familiar with PN’s work, the concoction on offer is perhaps not too out of the ordinary – after all, what’s presented here is almost a trademark of their sound. However it is worth noting that the writing on this album has been a return to form, with more memorable compositions and a returned sense of creative freedom. Peste Noire have always been an unstable element, and it’s difficult to predict their future, but if their prior two full-lengths haven’t been quite your cup of tea and you long for the return of "La Sanie…” era, then this may be as close as they’ll ever come to it. Grandeur and filth are quite a pair.

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