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File Name:Debauchery - Germany s Next Death Metal (2011)
DownloadTorrent:Debauchery - Germany s Next Death Metal (2011)

Debauchery are the Death Metal Warmachine. Recently the mainman Thomas Gurrath lost his job at school because of the violent lyrics and brutal artworks. But Debauchery doesn't give a fuck. They were on tour with legends like Six Feet Under, Napalm Death, Destruction and more, played on festivals like Wacken and Summerbreeze, played all over the European continent to China and back...and are now searching for new killing grounds!!! The online single School's Out - coverversion of Alice Cooper - was released in summer, a re-release of their sold out debut album "Kill Maim Burn" of 2003 has hit the stores in July, and the new album „Germany's next Death Metal" will bang your head in March 2011

I always thought a band biography with all the details would be some kind of boring, but on a lot of shows there are some people who want to know this or that. So I put this detailed biography on the homepage. It documents all stages of Debauchery, from the first days on.

Unfortunately, I've never had a real band. All the records I have always done myself and for the live concerts I have a Live Kill Team. At first it was real bad thing. But now I think it works perfect.

I made the first demo tape in 2001. The bandname at this time was Maggotcunt, the record was called Zombie. It's not that good. But one song (Butchered Zombies) made it to the first real record Kill Maim Burn.
I recorded Kill Maim Burn in winter 2002/2003 at the Maranis Studio. Drums were performed by Ronald Squire. At this time we have played together for three years, he was also responsible for the drums on the demo recording. The soli for the CD were played by a studio musician. Bass, guitars and voices had to be done by myself.
In 2003, I changed the bandname from Maggotcunt to Debauchery. I think that's better, more commercial

After recording the first real Debauchery line up was created: Dani on drums, Eri on the guitar, Marco on the bass and me for the voices. In summer 2003 we were on a European tour with Hate Plow, a sideproject from Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation members and in autumn we supported the legendary Napalm Death on tour through Germany.

At the beginning of 2004 I entered again the Maranis studio for Rage Of The Bloodbeast. Dani played drums, Marco the bass, the guitars and voices were done my myself. Soli were again performed by a studio musician. For mixing and mastering, I checked out the House of Music for the first time.

In the following one and a half years we played a lot of shows but no tour. The line up changed several times. Dani was always on drums, but guitar and bass guitar players changed all three months. In this time Chris joined us for half a year. With his 180 kilo he was a focus in the live performance and was called the Mad Butcher.

In Summer 2005 Debauchery entered the House of Music Studio for Torture Pit. Soli were played by Tom Naumann from Primal Fear and Sinner. The bass guitar was played by Dennis Ward from Pink Cream 69. He also recorded the album. He was really amazing. Great job!
Drums were played again by Dani. Guitars and voices I had to do on my own, as always.

In autumn we were on tour with Six Feet Under. My favourite Death Metal Band, that was really great. On tour our guitarist left after five shows. He couldn't stand Dani anymore. That was really shit. I had to "sing" and play guitar live.
After the tour Dani changed over from drums to the guitar. Oli was the new live drummer, another Chris the new bass player. Together we played the Dismember European Tour in 2006.

On the Queens of Metal Festival Dani attacked me live on stage. We had to cancel the concert. I do not know the details because I was very drunken but I think it had something to do with a toy chainsaw. I played with it on his guitar. I always thought him a friend of mine. We had played live concerts together for three years. But I think this was an error. He had to leave the band.

In summer 2006 I recorded Back In Blood. Again in the House of Music, again with Dennis Ward (recording and bass performance) and again with Tom Naumann for the guitar soli. Drums were played by Oli. With the new record I changed our label and was signed by AFM Records. The new CD will hit the stores between February and April 2007. I have made a double CD: One normal one, with eleven new tracks and a cover bonus CD with seven songs. I hope you will like it.

The line up changed again. Oli is still on the drums, Simon is a new guitar player, Marc from Seelenfrieden on the bass, he played with Debauchery several times before and Joshi on the other guitar (he is the one who left us on the Six Feet Under Tour )!
I think the new Live Kill Team is a real Killer and hope it will hold together for some time. We had our first show in this line up at the Turock in Essen at 16.12.2006. That show was really great...great audience. Thank you very much!

There are always the questions on the lyrics. Most ideas come from Warhammer, the Fantasy and Science Fiction Tabletop wargame. Some inspiration is also from Lord Of The Rings and the Silmarillion and a lot is just nothing special. Time to kill, for blood etc.
For all those who ask for some lyrics on the homepage: I always put a booklet in the CD with all lyrics. But I will also put them, for all the music download freaks, on the homepage....some time in the future.

Below, you can see the discography with all credits. I hope this is enough information. So thank you all very much for keeping the Death Metal Warmachine going. Thanks to all the Death Metal Maniacs and Blood Bitches for your support over the years. Hope to see you on tour!

1. The Unbroken
2. Zombie Blitzkrieg
3. Warmachines At War
4. Animal Holocaust
5. Bloodslaughter Onslaught
6. Germany’s Next Death Metal
7. School Shooter
8. Death Will Entertain
9. Armed For Apocalypse
10. Genocider Overkill
11. Killing Is Our Culture
12. School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover)

What would you get if Angus Young began spewing out guttural death metal vocals?  Debauchery of course.

The Death Metal Warmachine, Debauchery, is back with their seventh release in only eigtht years. On "Germany's Next Death Metal" you won't find blast beats or keyboards on this album, only simple groovy heavy metal with death metal vocals. Debauchery has always been about groove, and that's just what you get with this release. As Thomas Gurrath described, "I tried to make the album as pure as possible: only two guitars, Marshall JCM 800, Drums, Bass, no samples, no keys."

Best track by far is "Bloodslaughter Onslaught." This track is filled with groove and a great tempo that will get the heavy metal fan's head banging. "The Unbroken" has a nice slow intro then picks up the tempo and the death metal onslaught begins. Throw in the familiar angry spoken word in the vein of, you guessed it, AC/DC and you have a mixed up mosh of metal.

After a while the album does get a bit mundane and repetitive. But, Debauchery has never been known for their originality. "Warmachines at War" of course a spinoff of AC/DC's song "Warmachine". "School Shooter" another spin off of AC/DC's "School Days"....and we can go on.

Overall, the mix of heavy metal with death metal works for them and has made them a recognizable name in death metal. They obviously don't take themselves too seriously and neither should you. Their music is meant for simple pleasure, so don't over analyze it, sit back and enjoy it for what it is: great groovy guitars, growly death vocals, excellent heavy metal guitar solos, and heavy hitting drums.


Thomas "The Bloodbeast" Gurrath (aka Blutgott) - Vocals
Jiasheng Wang aka Joshi - Guitar 
Simon Dorn - Guitar 
Marc Jüttner - Bass 
Oliver "Oli" Zellmann - Drums

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