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File Name:Warrant (GER) - Discography [1985]
DownloadTorrent:Warrant (GER) - Discography [1985]
Description: The discography of German power/speed metal band Warrant that consists of 1 EP and 1 studio album. 


If you ask for those German Metal Band who reached the least of all regarding their potential, talents and abilities there has to be mentioned, in the honest personal opinion of the author, the name of "Warrant” first. For god’s sake there’s nobody dealing in this publication with golden records or record sales but just by the word of: Pure Metal!
And in this genre "Warrant” has to be placed among others at the top of the bill. It starts in 1984 when Head of Noise Records Karl Walterbach, one of the most successful metal trend scouts, was searching for fresh young musicians and got aware of an early band demo. He was amazed and travelled immediately to Düsseldorf, Germany keeping an eye on this talented new group. Shortly a record deal for a Mini-LP followed right after visiting without inspecting any further demos or live gigs from "Warrant”.
"Of course Karl Walterbach had an excellent instinct to see the upcoming Speed-Metal invasion. For us everything rushes from 0-100 km/h at a blink of an eye and we were taken by surprise what started right after that”. (Authority: That’s It! Nr.9, Page 50). Also fans seeking for powerful speed songs were taken by surprise as they were confronted with the band’s Mini-LP and bone crushing tracks like "Scavenger’s Daughter”. In a mighty and powerful manner, that reminds only of an unleashed 20 tons truck pounding it’s way through the night, the band created a true Speed Metal Hell.
Holy Shit, the songs remain their sheer power and thrill even after a dozen of years. Which "true-e” metal head can resist the spell of the early lyrics of "Satan” not starting rotating and headbanging straight away:
"I’m a New Satan
I kill them all
I’m a New Satan
Most important, not only the speed tracks kicked ass. That’s another matter of fact. Variations of mid tempo compositions mixed into the highspeed fire turned out to be real highlights. Works like "Send Ya’to Hell” or "Die Young”, released on the first long player, attracted those magical flair of potential evergreens. Above all the fullsize LP, simple called "The Enforcer”, stands as an unmistakeable kick in the ass and will stick into it forever. Impressed by the mighty "A” and "B” side opener "The Rack” and "The Enforcer” I will justify the brave and bold hypothesis: "Warrant” could have been the German Metallica!


(1985) First Strike [EP]
(1985) The Enforcer

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