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File Name:ConsPiracy (Gre) - Crippled Invaders [EP] (2010)
DownloadTorrent:ConsPiracy (Gre) - Crippled Invaders [EP] (2010)

01. Black Spot
02. Ct. Jimmy Fucknut
03. Passing Away
04. Villa De Muerto
05. Walk The Plank
06. Chorny Obelisk (Black Obelisk Cover)

The band was formed in 2007 by L’Ollonais (vocals) and Jack Raven (guitar) with the latter leaving the band a few months after it’s formation. During that period the band played 2 live gigs and released it’s first demo "Walk The Plank” (now sold out). The original concept behind consPiracy was to combine 80’s thrash (mostly influenced by the late 80s bay area scene) with lyrical themes inspired by the sense of complete freedom (and notoriousness), the way of life of a buccaneer. 

During 2008 the band did many gigs and released it’s first (self-financed) EP "Crippled Invaders” which was very well received by press and audience alike. Now, two years after its formation, and a lot of lineup changes, the band consists of: L’Ollonais : Vocals, Zournas : Bass, Ct. Elijah Morgan : Guitars, Sir Bloody Cox : Drums.

After even more gigs, 2009 finds consPiracy preparing their debut album .."HOPE OVER BOARD”.. (to be out on early 2010) and getting the 2008 EP "Crippled Invaders” re-released

Hope Over Board" fulfills the expectations with vigorous classic speed/thrash which begins with the merry-go-round "The Fuse Is Lit", an uplifting piece of the crossover type. the joy carries on unabated on the brisk "Fuckfish" which may indded make you try to "fuck the fish" around in case of you live near a lake or the seaside. "Hope Over Board" is a lashing headbanger followed by the speed metal hymn "Raiding Time". The guitar sound surprisingly becomes fuzzier on "Hanging On The Mast" which is another prime speedster with less overt crossover overtones. "Scattered Ashes" thrashes harder, and there is little mercy later on the approach reaching less bridled hardcore dimensions on the final 1.5-min outburst "The Temple Of Shame". 

The guys keep the spirit high all over playing on high speed the whole time with the more optimistic crossover tendencies assisting here and there nicely recalling old heroes like Ludichrist, Attitude Adjustment, and Lawnmower Deth.

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